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Preferred embroidery patterns

Preferred embroidery patterns

A female personality with a hand up or down represented the image of Planet Mother, connected with worshiping of the land and water. Eastern Slavic goddess was the patroness of water, home, fireplace and home, and workmanship. The tablecloth will become a part of inside, that is why it must be equilibrium with the various other things in the space.

Branched trees and frog images represented abundant land; turf, blossoms, shrubs, and trees were called “the hair of the Earth”. Out-runner of the Sunlight, heat and light, symbol of happiness and delight was a bird that promised the incoming of springtime, harvest and wealth. A deer and equine represented “live-giving aster” – the Sun – and were believed to bring good fortune, jollity, and prosperity.

The rhombus was the main indicator and it had lots of meanings. A smooth or spurred rhombus stood for the Sun and fire, tranh theu in addition to for fertility, resurgence. A chain of rhombuses implied the Tree of Life. A rhombus with extending sides represented the top of lumber work; a square divided into four parts with a circle or a dot in each implied a homestead and a sown area.

Typical accessory patterns

There were special accessories for wedding celebration garments and burial garments, warrior clothes, farmers, and or home stuff, etc. Meals, ovens and furnishings were covered with ornaments. Every region had their. It is simple to distinguish Russian pattern from Estonian one. In time the figures altered, became much more complex and were integrated with various other styles, developing photo-patterns. Currently ornament has a purely decorative feature.

Preferred embroidery patterns

It may be that she has nothing brand-new to discuss. A discussion of the embroidery patterns, or a new embroidery layout as you offer her with your photo may just be the therapy that she needs to begin to feel as though she is still a helpful participant of culture. Extracting people utilizing the abilities and abilities that we learn while making that brand-new embroidery stitch is especially satisfying in that we may learn something new while doing so.There are several methods which our skills and our can become something unique.